Column name Data type Required Default update table Data target Comments
external_key** VARCHAR (255) Yes* No altr_travel_request.tr_document_id The external key -- Primary Key
user_ekey VARCHAR(255) Yes* No The user the entry belongs to
import_status SMALLINT Yes Yes The import command/status (0=dont import, 1=do import, 2=success, 100+=re-process, -1=failed)
import_error_ message VARCHAR(255) No No The import error message
import_change _timestamp DATETIME No No The import timestamp
submit_status SMALLINT Yes Yes The auto-submit command/status (0=dont submit, 1=do submit, 2=success, -1=failed)
submit_error_ message VARCHAR(255) No No The submit error message
submit_change _timestamp DATETIME No No The submit timestamp
tr_title VARCHAR(255) No No altr_travel_request.tr_title document element
tr_purpose_ekey VARCHAR(255) No No altr_travel_request.tr_purpose document element
tr_num_going INTEGER No No altr_travel_request.tr_num_going document element
trip_type_id_ekey VARCHAR(255) No No altr_travel_request.trip_type_id document element
create_location _id_ekey VARCHAR(255) No No altr_travel_request.create_location_id document element



VARCHAR(255) No No The document allocation cost center



VARCHAR(255) No No The document allocation project
keyword_note TEXT No No The document note