User import tables (staging tables)

Note: The Infor Expense Management Standard Import Process enables you to assign users to specific groups and group types in Infor Expense Management. The foreign key constraints that are built into the import tables are very important to achieve this specific group association.

There are several important staging tables involved with the user-to-group association. The following section lists the tables, and the high level contents of these tables.

Table name Description
alex_company This table defines the company to which all users will be assigned.
alex_division This table defines all of the divisions within the company.
alex_department This table defines all departments.
alex_cost_center This table defines all cost centers to which the imported users will be assigned.
alex_user This table contains all users to be imported.
alex_user_group_defn This table contains all of the groups in the system, including all group types.
alex_user_access This table associates users to their data and admin groups.
alex_user_group This table associates users with their user group membership.
alex_er_user_preference, alex_pr_user_preference, alex_ts_user_attributes These tables assign application access via role groups. They also provide application specific user attributes and preferences.
alex_proxy This table contains proxy information for users.
alex_job_classification This table contains all job classifications.
alex_benefit_item This table contains all benefit bank items.