Standard Group Membership Import table

Table Name Primary Key Description
ALEX_USER_GROUP DATA_TYPE, DATA_KEY, GROUP_KEY This table imports and assigns various data types to the existing groups in Infor Expense Management and populates these tables:
  • alco_membership
Note: Starting with Release 5.60, the memberships in this table only define data groupings, and not user access to the data. User access to data is defined in the new staging table: alex_user_access.

You can assign these data types to the groups using the standard import process.

Data type Key field
User alex_user.external_key
Company alex_company.external_key
Division alex_division.external_key
Department alex_department.external_key
CostCenter alex_cost_center.external_key
ProjectNumber alex_project_code.external_key
Client alex_clients.external_key
Group alex_user_group_defn.external_key
Address alex_address.external_key
UnitOfMeasure alex_unit_of_measure.external_key
PRVendor alex_pr_vendor_type.external_key
JobClass alex_job_classification.external_key
Office alex_office.external_key
Location alex_location.external_key
Guest alex_guest.external_key
PRVendorTerms alex_pr_vendor_terms.external_key