Column name Data type Required Default update table Data target Comments
external_key** VARCHAR (255) Yes* No aler_invoice_line_item.exp_line_item_id The external key -- Primary Key
user_ekey VARCHAR(255) Yes* No The user the entry belongs to
import_status SMALLINT Yes* Yes The import command/status (0=dont import, 1=do import, 2=success, 100+=re-process, -1=failed)
import_error _message VARCHAR(255) No No The import error message
import_change _timestamp DATETIME No No The import timestamp
parent_type SMALLINT Yes No The type of parent to attach the line item to (0=document whose ekey is in parent_ekey, 1=line item whose ekey is in parent_ekey, 2=document whose tracking number is in parent_ekey, 3=unattached... no parent, 4=current active document, 5=current active document and create if necessary)
parent_ekey VARCHAR(255) No No The parents ekey
item_number VARCHAR(255) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.item_number line item element
item_ description VARCHAR(255) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.expense.item_description line item element
invoiced_ quantity INTEGER No No alpr_invoice_line_item.invoiced_quantity line item element



VARCHAR(255) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.unit_of_measure_id line item element
unit_price_ amount NUMERIC(28,10) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.unit_price_amount line item element



VARCHAR(255) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.unit_price_amount_id line item element
check_request _type_id_ekey VARCHAR(255) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.check_request_type_id line item element
guest_count INTEGER No No alpr_invoice_line_item.guest_count line item element
td_gl_account _override VARCHAR(255) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.td_gl_account_override line item element



VARCHAR(255) No No alpr_invoice_line_item.td_gl_subaccount_override line item element
guest_entry _mode SMALLINT Yes No alpr_invoice_line_item.guest_entry_mode line item element
guest_amount _equal SMALLINT Yes No alpr_invoice_line_item.guest_amount_equal line item element
guest_no _show_count INTEGER No No alpr_invoice_line_item.guest_no_show_count line item element



VARCHAR(255) No No The line item allocation cost center



VARCHAR(255) No No The line item allocation project
keyword_guest _ekeys TEXT No No The line item guests
keyword_note TEXT No No The line item note
imported_read_only NUMERIC(5) No Yes alpr_invoice_line_item.imported_read_only Holds the read only status of imported line items