Performance impact

These three application parameters affect the performance of the import process:

  • HrtransactionSize
  • HRBkgFetchSize
  • HRBkgClearRequestCacheInterval

Larger values for these usually result in better performance. However, too large a value can cause memory problems.

The recommended value for HRtransactionSize is its default value of 500.

The recommended value for HRBkgFetchSize is its default value of 254.

The recommended value for HRBkgClearRequestCacheInterval is its default value of 1.

When the standard import process involves large volumes of data, this must be set up for processing incremental changes to the data. After the initial import, only a fraction of the customer data changes between import runs. If these incremental changes to the customer data can be captured, the import staging tables must be loaded solely with these changes, rather than reloading all of the customer data for every run.

The standard import process imposes significant loads on the application server and the database. When possible, this must be configured to run when there is less conflict with end user usage.