Column Source Data type Null Description
export_invoice_line_id N/A INT N A unique number (Bob ID) that serves as the primary key for the row.
export_invoice_hdr_id alex_invoice_export_header - export_invoice_hdr_id INT N The BOb ID (PK) of the alex_invoice_export_header row that is parent to the line items in this table.
invoice_line_item_id alpr_invoice_line_item - invoice_line_item_id INT N Foreign key back to the source table, alpr_invoice_line_item
item_number alpr_invoice_line_item - item_number varchar (255) Y The unique item number identifying this item to the vendor
item_description alpr_invoice_line_item - item_description varchar(255) Y Description of line item.
item_quantity alpr_invoice_line_item - invoiced_quantity numeric(15,5) Y The number of items ordered
unit_of_measure_code alpr_invoice_line_item - unit_of_measure_id/ alco_unit_of_measure- uom_code varchar(255) Y Unit of measure code of the item being ordered.
unit_of_measure_ekey alpr_invoice_line_item - unit_of_measure_id/ alco_unit_of_measure varchar(255) Y External key identifying the unit of measure.
unit_price alpr_invoice_line_item - unit_price_amount numeric (20,10) Y Cost of each unit of line item.
total_price alpr_invoice_line_item - total_price_amount numeric (20,10) Y Total cost of the line items. Equal to Quantity multiplied by Approved Unit Price.
check_request_type_ name alpr_invoice_line_item - check_request_type_id/ alco_check_request_type - name varchar(255) Y The name of this payment request type
check_request_type_ ekey alpr_invoice_line_item - check_request_type_id/ alco_check_request_type varchar(255) Y External key identifying the payment request type.
check_request_type alco_check_request_type.type smallint Y Check request type as defined in alco_check_request_ type_type column in the transactional database.
guest_count alpr_invoice_line_item - guest_count INT Y Line item total guest count
guest_entry_mode alpr_invoice_line_item - guest_entry_mode smallint Y The guest entry mode (Count, Guests, or Both)
guest_amounts_equal alpr_invoice_line_item - guest_amounts_equal smallint Y Whether the line item amount is equally split across guests
guest_no_show_count alpr_invoice_line_item - guest_no_show_count INT Y The guest no-show count
export_line_status smallint Y status of the export document 0 to 99 are used by extensity 100 or higher can be user defined 1 new 2 completed 3 error 4 comlete verified 5 error verified
export_line_status_datetime datetime Y The date and time, the line status was updated
export_status alpr_invoice_line_item – export_status int Y the export status (0=not exported, 1=exported, 2=marked for re-export)
void_status alpr_invoice_line_item – void_status int Y the void status (0=not voided, 1=voided, 2=this is a reversal that cancels out a voided line item)
reversal_line_item_Id alpr_invoice_line_item – reversal_line_item_id int Y for voided/reversal line items, this is the matching reversal/voided line item
export_date alpr_invoice_line_item – export_date datetime Y The date the item was first exported to the financial system