ALEX_EXPORT_ADC (Travel plan export table)

Entity name alex_export_adc
Primary keys export_adc_id
Definition This table contains the ADC fields for the Infor Expense Management document’s line items.
Note: In Release 5.6, Travel Plan ADCs are not exported into this table. But in the future versions, both Header and Line level ADCs can be exported into this table.
Notes Like any other expense line level data, line level ADC records may be repeated multiple times for each line/allocation entry in the line level table in case of multiple allocations.

Default expense line entries for almt_extension table have seven example ADC definitions, one for each data type. Ensure that these entries are removed. There are the example entries:

// Example ADC extensions:

  • 1472 ||101|72 |extendedInt1|1||i|0|||aler_expense_line_item|
  • 1473 ||101|73 |extendedFloat |1||f|0|||aler_expense_line_item|
  • 1474 ||101|74 |extendedDate|1||d|0|||aler_expense_line_item|
  • 1475 ||101|75 |extendedHours |1||h|0|||aler_expense_line_item|
  • 1476 ||101|76 |extendedString|1||s|0|||aler_expense_line_item|
  • 1477 ||101|77 |extendedCurrency|1||c|0|||aler_expense_line_item|
  • 1478 ||101|78 |extendedBobRef|1||b|0|||aler_expense_line_item|

For ALEX_EXPORT_ADC table attributes, see ALEX_EXPORT_ADC (Expense reports export table).