ALEX_EXPORT_ADC (Attributes)

Column Source Data type Null Description
export_adc_id INT N A unique sequence number serves as the primary key for the row.
Export_adc_parent_id INT Y The ID of the parent for this ADC. For ER document level ADCs, this value corresponds to the export_er_hdr_id value in the table, aler_expense_export_header. For ER line item ADCs, this value corresponds to the export_er_line_id value in the table, aler_expense_export_line.
parent_bob_id INT Y The ID of the Bob in the document that owns this ADC.
Sequence SMALLINT Y Sequence number for each ADC in the line item. A sequence number that starts at 1 for the first ADC and is incremented by 1 for each additional ADC in the line or document.
Type CHAR (10) Y The field data type. These are the values:
  • "c" = currency (money plus currency ISO)
  • "h"= ALHour (Char 10) "i"= integer (numeric)
  • "f"= floating point
  • "d" = datetime
  • "s" = VARCHAR (255) for String data
name Varchar (255) Y The name of the ADC field, as specified in the almt_bob_ elements table.
Integer_value Int Y The numeric value of the ADC.
String_value VARCHAR (255) Y The contents of the char column (string).
Date_value datetime Y The value of the date/time.
Float_value numeric (20,10) Y The floating point value of the numeric field. For currency ADCs, this is the amount.
Currency_iso CHAR (3) Y The ISO currency code for the monetary amount field in the float_value column, for the currency fields.
CURRENCY_EKEY VARCHAR (255) Y External key that identifies the currency.