Export verification – optional feature

Export verification is an optional feature in Infor Expense Management. Based on the workflow activities defined in the system installation, the export verification process may or may not take place.

If you optionally configure Export Verify, then the external system must provide the status of the imported document. Status is communicated back to the Infor Expense Management system by populating the alex_document_export_status table. For more information about the alex_document_export_status table, see ALEX_DOCUMENT_EXPORT_STATUS (External system update table).

Along with the failure status, the external system can provide the associated error code and error message. The error code and message are attached to the document as document level note, so that the system administrator can easily track the integration problem.

The process allows more than one status record for both the document and the individual lines to accommodate multiple error messages.


For Infor ER, Infor PR, and Infor TP, at least one document level status must be provided. If more than one status record exists for the document or document lines, all the statuses must indicate Success or the export for the entire document is considered a failure.

For Infor TS the export status must be provided for every single timesheet line if the export is at the line level. If any of the line level statuses indicate a failure, the export for the entire document is considered a failure.

The user of this Export Verify activity is either of these background processes:

  • DocumentExportVerifyBkg
  • TSStagingExportVerifyBkg)

If any error occurs during document extraction and import process by the external system, the document status is changed to Error Verified (5) and document is sent to the Exception Handling activity. For example, if external system reports Error (3) status to the alex_document_export_status table.

For all successfully processed documents, the status is changed to Complete Verified (4), and the document is moved to the next activity, usually, Completed.

For Infor TS, the status of the timesheet original document (alts_timesheet) and lines (alts_line_item) is set to one of these:

0 To be verified
1 Rejected
2 Accepted

If an error is reported by the external system during the verification process, the document and the processed line is marked as Rejected and the export document is sent to Exception Handling.

If the export level is at the line item level and not all the lines are processed, the status of the document is set to, To be Verified; the status of the processed lines is set to Accepted, and the document stays in the current activity queue. The export status of the export header is not modified to 4 since the document export is not complete. Otherwise, the document and the processed lines are marked as Accepted and the document is sent to the next activity.

For Infor ER, the standard verify process can record payment information provided by the external system into the expense reports document. This information is sent using the aler_export_external_data table.

For the purchase requisitions application, the standard verify process can update the purchase order information provided by the external system into the purchase requisition data. This information is sent by the alpr_import_external_data table.