Step 2: Workflow setup

In addition to all other transitions requested by the customer, the standard export process requires the following transitions for the Export and Verify activities. The document must be in the Export Activity for this to work.

Activity Transition work_item_status Destination activity
Export Exported 0 Verify
Keep It -1 Export
Exception 6 Exception Handling
Verify Successful 0 Completed
Keep It -1 Verify
Exception 6 Exception Handling
Exception Handling Exception Fixed 0 Export or Verify*
Keep It -1 Exception Handling
Reject 1-6 Configurable (Create?)
Note: You can set up the document to go to either Export or Verify after the Export Exception of the document is fixed. This fix- is a manual process. If the Document is sent to Export, then one more new Export documents is created for the same Infor Expense Management document. The extraction programs need to weed out the old documents with Exception activity. Alternatively, if the document is sent to the Verify activity, then the Export Document status needs to be changed from 5 (Error) to 1 (New), so that Extraction programs extract this again.

To prevent accidental re-export of documents, an is_exported flag indicates whether a document has been previously exported. To reset this flag to 0, you must configure the Export Reset business rule to fire on the transition from Exception Handling to Export.