System requirements

Infor Expense Management installation requires several servers. For the minimum configuration of applications, these servers are required:

  • One Apache Web Server
  • One or more Tomcat Application servers
  • One Tomcat Background Processing server
  • One Database Server (SQL Server or Oracle)
Note: This is a broad guideline. Actual requirements can vary based on the implementation and the customer performance requirements.

Application servers perform most of the processing. The servers run on Intel Xeon class machines. By default, each application server is configured to have 1 GB heap memory and each application server can be allocated 3 GB of RAM. For example, if two application servers run on a single machine, 6GB RAM is required for the application servers and an additional 1GB RAM is required for the operating system. The total memory required is 7GB. A single CPU can handle 2 application servers. Each application server can handle 30-40 concurrent users.

Similar resource requirements are necessary for the Background Processing server.

The Apache Web Server acts as a proxy for the application servers and all the HTTP/HTTPS traffic is routed through Apache. When scaling to large number of server instances, the installation of the Apache Web Server is recommended on each machine to balance the load on the Application servers and the Apache servers. This is done by using an external load balancer.

The database server must be accessible to all the application servers. Each application server can establish 10 to 30 connections to the database server. The database server can be deployed on a separate machine. The sizing of this machine depends on the overall concurrency requirements.

To avoid performance issues due to network latency, the application servers, Web servers and the database server must be installed in one physical location, preferably in the same subnet.

To run the Java based Admin tool, the client machine must have at least 2GB of RAM. However, 4GB is recommended.

The HTML Client is web-browser based, which requires minimal processing on the client machine. Any machine that supports the browser versions listed in the Hardware and Software requirements section, can run the application.

Additional resources are required when Infor Expense Management Receipts module is included in the deployment. A separate database is recommended to hold the receipts data. When Receipts module is included in the deployment, each application server can handle 20-30 concurrent users.