Installation instructions

The migration utility folder is installed in the apache-tomcat-9.0.x/common/largesoft/install/databaseMigrations/classes directory of your installed build.

The directory contains these relevant files:

File Description
  • DbStructureUpdate.db2
  • DbStructureUpdate.mssql
These files contain the SQL statements that alter the physical structure of the database, such as adding columns to a table. There is one file for each database type because each database manager has unique syntax requirements. This file can be blank for some migrations.
UpdateDbTableContents.sql This file contains SQL statements to add, delete, or update data from rows of various database tables. The SQL script in this file is in a JDBC format so that the script applies to all database types. The SQL file must be processed by the migration tool. You cannot use a local query tool to apply the SQL file directly to the database.
run_dbMigration.bat This file executes the migration on a Windows machine. This is a Bourne shell script file that executes migration on a Unix machine.
Readme.txt Install and run instructions for migration.