Sending Connection Information to Taxback

Taxback must have the connection information to know the location to the retrieve the data. You must configure the connection information in the file. The shell script is used to read the properties file when Taxback extracts the data.

This table lists the connection parameters and all the parameters are mandatory. The password can be sent separately as per the security policy.

Parameter Type Description
server_url URL URL of the Infor Expense Management Server. For example, https://Expense
server_user string Username prefixed with the tenant only for a cloud customer. For example, Expense Management_INFOR.taxback.
password string The password can be specified in this parameter or on the command line.
activity_number int Specify the workflow activity number. TaxBack selects the documents in the activity with this number for processing. By default, the workflow activity number is 50 for the Done activity.
customer string Specify the customer name in this parameter. This name is required and is only used to organize the data locally. The name is different from the tenant name. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed for this name.

Note: For only TaxBack use.

Example properties file:

# this is a properties file


server_user=XMQA_TRN.cbernard # prefix with the tenant if a cloud customer


activity_number=50 # workflow activity number. Example: 50 for the Done activity.