Application parameters that support the Late TS Submission background processes

These application parameters must be configured to support the Late TS Submission background processes:

Application parameter Purpose

Use to display the Late TS Submission tab.

Default value: 0 (false)


Use to display the TS Benefit Bank, TS Late Submission, and the TS Late Approval tabs in the Infor XM application based on the role of the user.

Default value: false


The timestamp is created by the InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process and is updated bythe DlnqntSubmitReportBkg background process based on the timestamp entry to avoid adding duplicate entries to the alts_delinquent_report table.

Example: 2012.10.23

ts.DelinquentSubmitEmailGroup The e-mail alias or the distribution list that is automatically copied on all the delinquent submission email notifications.
ts.DlnqntReportBasedOnCutoffs The default value is set to if the ts.DlnqntReportBasedOnCutoffs application parameter is not set.
ts.DlnqntReportExcludeCurrentPeriod Determines whether to include the current reporting period as late when the current day is the last day of the current reporting period. The valid values are:
  • True: Excluding the current reporting period.
  • False: Including the current reporting period, if the current day is the last date of the reporting period.

The default value is set to if the ts.DlnqntReportExcludeCurrrentPeriod application parameter is not set.


This value must be set before the InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process is executed.

Usage 1: For initialization.

The InitDlnqntSubmitReport background processpopulates the alts_delinquent_report table with the late submission periods for each active timesheet user from the given date to one future timesheet period calculated based on the current timestamp.

Default: yyyy.MM.dd

Example: 2012.06.01

Usage 2: For fixing corrupted data in the alts_delinquent_report table.

The parameter takes a single date or a date range where the first date is the beginning of the date range and the last date is the final day in the date range of corrupted data. The background process clears and refreshes all the data for the period from the date specified to the current date,if the parameter takes single date.

Format: yyyy.MM.dd,yyyy.MM.dd

The InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process clears and re-populates the alts_delinquent_report table with the late submission periods for each active timesheet user for the given period.

Example: 2012.06.01,2012.07.01

The alts_delinquent_report table can get corrupted:

  • If the DlnqntSubmitReportBkg background process is not executed at the beginning of the most frequent reporting period that has a start date and is closest to the date value of the ts.InitDlnqntReportStartDate application parameter. In this example, no entries of delinquency exist for the skipped periods.
  • If either of the two entry-removal business rules are not configured properly or are inactive. In this example, the users appear delinquent as their entries still exist in the alts_delinquent_report table.