Configuring the credit card import tool

You must ensure that the Infor XM configuration file on the computer where you run the import tool contains the database connection parameters before you run the credit card import tool. The connection parameters must be set during the installation process.

The credit card import tool accesses the Infor XM database directly. Th is information is required in the Infor XM configuration file to connect to the database:



online.dbType=database type

online.dbPassword=DB password

online.dbUser=DB user id

This table lists the parameters required to locate the database:

Parameter Input
server The name of the server that contains the Infor XM database or instance of the database.
database The name of the Oracle or MSSQL server database.
database type The database type. Specify one of these types in lower case:
  • mssql
  • oracle
DB password The password for the database.
DB user id The ID of the user connected to the Infor XM database.

To configure the Credit Card Import tool:

  1. Open the file and run the import tool.
  2. Specify the appropriate parameters based on your platform.
  3. Save the changes.