Configuring user access to the Infor OS site

After the required security group is created in the Active Directory, you must complete these steps to configure the user access to the Infor OS site:

  1. Log on to the Infor OS site with the account that you defined as the site collection administrator in the "Creating a site collection" topic in the Infor OS Installation and Configuration Guide.
  2. Click the Home icon on the Infor OS toolbar to ensure that you are in the Infor OS home site.
  3. Select Site Actions > Site Permissions and click Infor Application Group.
    On the People and Groups page, you can have an existing entry for Infor. Unless this entry is in the format [Domain Name]\Infor, you must complete this task.
  4. On the People and Groups page, click New.
  5. In the Grant Permissions window, specify Infor; which represents the required user security group to access the Infor OS site.
  6. Click Check Names at the lower right corner of the text box to validate the names with the [Domain Name]\Infor format.
  7. Click OK.