Active Directory authentication

To allow users to access the Infor suite site, which includes Infor OS and Infor Expense Management, you must configure their accounts with rights that grant them access to the site in Microsoft SharePoint. Infor OS expects that upon sign-in, the user belongs to a predetermined security group in the Active Directory that is used by the domain.

For access to the Infor OS and Infor Expense Management sites, all users must have their domain accounts associated with these predetermined Active Directory security groups:

Infor Application Active Directory Security Group
Infor OS Infor
Infor Expense Management Infor Expense Management Users

You create these security groups in Active Directory, outside of Microsoft SharePoint or Infor OS. See the Microsoft documentation for information on using Active Directory to configure user accounts with security groups. Also see the Infor Expense Management Installation and Configuration Guide for information on how to install Infor Expense Management with Active Directory.