Configuring Expense Management application for the Deem online booking

You can configure the Deem online booking integration.

  1. Load the Deem OLB dataset (olb,olb/deem). To load or append the additional datasets, see the Infor Expense Management Installation and Configuration Guide and the Infor Expense Management XMDBTOOL User Guide.
  2. Enable the Online Booking (OLB) feature by setting the value of the olb.enable application parameter to True.
  3. Configure these Deem SFTP application parameters:
    1.<Deem’s sftp host>
    2. sftp.user.Deem=<Deem’s sftp user name>
    3. sftp.pwd.Deem=<Deem’s sftp password>
    4. sftp.dirToCopy.Deem=<Deem’s sftp folder>
    Note: Contact Deem administrator to obtain the above SFTP information.

    For details on the Deem application parameters, see:

    • Deem application parameters section below
    • Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide - Application Parameters
  4. Run the ‘DeemBkg’ Expense Management background process.
    Note: See Using Deem online bookings to create expense reports section to create expense reports using the Deem online booking. You can also refer to the Infor Expense Management User Guide.
  5. Review the background process logs to ensure that the itineraries are imported from the Deem SFTP server to the Expense Management application.