Using Deem online bookings to create expense reports

To create an expense report from the Deem online bookings functionality:

  1. Log on to Deem using:
    1. Deem Login page. You can obtain the URL and credentials from the Deem administrator. OR
    2. SSO – If SSO is enabled, click Manage Travel on the Infor Expense Management home page for navigating to Deem.
  2. Create a travel itinerary. The travel booking information is sent to the Infor Expense Management application after the travel itinerary is booked in Deem. The travel booking information is processed by the configured Expense Management Deem bkg process.
  3. Log on to Expense Management and create or modify an Expense Report to attach the imported online booking data to the expenses.
  4. Click My Travel. All the open booking itineraries from Deem are displayed.
  5. Select a check box corresponding to an unattached booking.
  6. Click Import to create expense line items from the booking itineraries.
  7. Review the attached expense line items and modify the data, if required.
  8. Click Save.