Information purpose codes and messages

The Information messages includes data related to the status of the CC import process.

This table lists the information purpose codes and messages.

Code Message Additional Comment
501 Usage: jre largesoft.sys.Application -startupClass -f <file-format> -d <datasource> -l <log-file> (-c <currency-code>)


jre largesoft.sys.Application -startupClass -f USBank -d

h:\\ccimport\\data.txt -l c:\\results\\log.txt

jre largesoft.sys.Application -startupClass -f GE -d feed.txt -l log.txt -c USD

502 Processing card information for card #<param1>
503 Processing cc transaction
504 New card successfully imported
505 New transaction successfully imported
506 The card has been successfully assigned to a user. Please verify the following information. Cardholder Name: <param1> Extensity

User Name : <param2>

507 New merchant successfully imported
508 New <param1> successfully imported <param1> represents a special data name, such as airline service of class.
509 New level 3 detail successfully imported
510 Level 3 record with identifier <param1> linked to transaction