Fatal error codes and messages

Fatal errors prevent the Credit Card (CC) import process from initiating or completing.

This table lists the fatal error codes,messages, and resolutions.

Code Message Additional comments Resolution
3001 Parameters incomplete:

-f <Card Type> -d <Input File> -l <Log

File> -c <Currency Code>")


<Card Type> <Input File> <Log File>

<Currency Code>

The inline command parameters provided, are not adequate. Verify the parameters specified on the command line.
3003 File format parameter unrecognized The file format corresponds to the <Card Type> specified on the command line and must match the value in the alcc_import_format.cc_format_name for the appropriate credit card type. Verify that the entry in the alcc_import_format table matches the command line parameter for the Credit card type.
3004 Could not connect to database Check the database connectivity. Check regular issues that often cause a database connectivity problem. The data is not imported if the database is disconnected in the middle of the import process. Note the data line where the import stops.
3005 IOException -- Probably could not open the file Ensure the read/write access is provided on the directory where the log files are created.
3007 I/O Failure Often refers to a data -related problem. The other messages that follow or precede this message, helps to identify the problem.Contact Extensity Customer Support to report this problem and provide a copy of the ccimport.log file.
3011 Problem at the SQL level; Could not open table? Bad Query? Database related problem. Contact Extensity Customer Support to resolve. Email the ccimport.log file to Extensity Customer Support.
3013 Can not find java class file This error is encountered when a JAVA class configured for the CC Feed does not exist. Note the java class file name listed along with this error in the ccimport.log file. Code related problem. Contact Customer Support to resolve. Provide the java class file name to Extensity Customer Support.
3014 The data file has a bad data file format. This error is encountered when a wrong data file is used. Verify the checksum for the data file received from the credit card vendor. Check with the credit card vendor for file accuracy. The file must have been corrupted while being sent over from the credit card vendor.

For example, the data file header is not in a right format.

3015 Incomplete DB connection information for tenant <param1>. Check extensityappserver.properties This error is encountered when the database connection information in the central database for the tenant specified is invalid. Check connection information specified in the central database for this tenant.
3016 You have specified the tenant as <param1> but this installation is not multi-tenant enabled. You attempted to run the import process under the specified tenant, however, the installation is not multitenant enabled. Remove the tenant argument.
3017 A tenant needs to be specified. You attempted to run the import process on a multi-tenant installation without specifying a tenant. Specify the tenant as an argument.
3018 The default currency is specified as USD but the feed is for European countries. This is a configuration error. You attempted to run the Amex4322 importer but specified the currency as USD. The Amex4322 feed is for European feeds. Remove the USD specification.
3019 Could not initialize importer: <message> An unexpected error is encountered. The message gives more details. Contact the Expense Management administrator.
3020 Amex 1080 import must have parameter cc.AmexLevel3ReferenceNumberType set to GL1025 or KR1025, depending on which feed you use to import Amex transactions The cc.AmexLevel3Referen- ceNumberType parameter is not set to GL1025 or KR1025. When the Amex 1080 (hotel folio) feed is imported, the system tries to link the folio records to existing transactions. If the transactions are missing (usually as the 1080 is imported before the 1025 feed), the folio record is saved with a reference number that matches with the transaction. This parameter lets the system know whether to use the reference number for the KR1025 feed or for the GL1025 Set the parameter to GL1025 or KR1025.
3021 cc.diverted set to true but no diverted card processor specified. Set parameter cc.diverted.processor to the name of the processor and reprocess. To use the diverted card feature, cc.diverted must be set to true and cc.diverted.processor must be set to the credit card processor that handles diverted card feeds. Set the cc.diverted.processor parameter to the name of the processor and reprocess.
3022 More than one diverted card processor matching name <processor name>. Edit processor names so that they are unique and reprocess. Two processors with the same name is not considered. Modify processor names and reprocess.
3023 Can't set processor for diverted card because can't find processor named <processor name> Make sure the processor defined by cc.diverted.processor application parameter exists.