Using the Pack screen

To use the RF Pack screen:

  1. From the RF device Main menu, select Outbound Menu. The Outbound Management (OBM) screen is displayed.
  2. Select Pack/Load/Ship. The Pack/Load/Ship (PLS) menu is displayed.
  3. Select Pack. The RF Pack (SH12) screen is displayed.

  4. Specify this information:
    From Lpn
    Specify the current ID of the item. This can be a case ID or another Drop ID.
    To Lpn
    Specify the new drop ID. This becomes the license plate in inventory and you can again pack, move, or load this LPN.
  5. Press Enter. If this was the first ID packed to the new drop ID, the Pack Location (SH02) screen is displayed.

  6. Specify this information for the location of this license plate.
    To Loc
    Specify the inventory location for the new license plate (drop ID) after the pack process. Typically, this is the location where the pack process occurs. Inventory is moved to this location if this location is different from the current location.
    Specify the carton type for the license plate (drop ID).
    Note: Press F2 to view a list of possible carton types. This action displays a list of cartons for which the Display for Picking flag is active in the Carton configuration screen.
  7. Press Enter to complete the packing of the license plate. Repeat steps 3-4 to consolidate other IDs onto this drop ID.
    The inventory now exists with the To License Plate entry in the To Location.
  8. Press Esc.