Defining a Sub-Element Record

To define a new Sub-Element record:

  1. Select Labor > Labor Standards > Operations > Sub-Element. The system displays the Sub-Elements list view.
  2. Click New. The system displays a blank header form in Edit mode.
  3. Use the field information below to define the sub-element.
  4. Click Save.
    The code or ID for this sub-element. You use this code to assign the sub-element to element records.
    A full description of this sub-element.
    Normal Time
    The standard amount of time, in minutes, required to complete this action.
    Indicates whether this sub-element is active (Yes selection) or not active (No selection). If No is selected, the system will not consider this information when calculating standards even if it is included as part of an operation.
    Last Update By
    The user that last updated this record.
    Last Update On
    The date and time this record was last updated.
    Any notes or comments about this sub-element.
  5. Click Save.