Billing tab

  1. Click the Billing tab.
  2. Specify this information:
    Tax Exempt
    Indicates whether this owner is exempt from paying certain of taxes.
    Tax Exempt Code
    The code that identifies the type of tax exemption that may apply to this owner.
    Currency Code
    The standard currency codes used by this owner. The currency type determines how many decimals are used in currency fields.
    Invoice Terms
    Specify the billing invoice terms used for this owner. Terms identify the time period given to customers to pay their invoices.

    Typical standard terms include:

    • UPONREC - Payable upon receipt
    • NET10 - Net 10 days
    • NET15 - Net 15 days
    • NET30 - Net 30 days
    • NET45 – Net 45 days
    • NET60 - Net 60 days
  3. Click Save.