Shift short code indicators

Shifts can be shown in the ASV, Relief Management, and Central Staffing with additional one-off information using configurable short codes.

For example, in nursing units, there is typically one Registered Nurse per unit that is marked as in-charge for the day (Charge Nurse). To indicate that a Registered Nurse is in-charge for that day, a short code can be displayed on the shift of the Charge Nurse. Short codes can be up to three characters, for example, INC. Each short code is mapped to a shift detail flag and is displayed when the associated flag is selected on a shift.

Note: This feature must be configured by the administrator. See "Mapping shift detail flags to a short code displayed on the shift" in the Infor Workforce Management MVS Implementation and Administration Guide.

For example, the INC short code is mapped to the FLAG3 shift detail flag. When you select the FLAG3 shift detail flag in the inline details of a shift in the ASV, the INC short code is displayed in the top left corner of the shift to indicate the Charge Nurse on that day.

When multiple shorts codes are displayed for a shift, they are listed in priority based on their configuration. Each short code is separated by commas, for example, E,AA,W. In the ASV, up to 8 characters can be displayed in the shift cell. If a shift has in charge indicators of more than 8 characters, ellipses are displayed after a maximum of 5 characters. Only full codes are displayed, so INC,ABC,DEF is displayed as INC... . The full list of short codes is displayed by hovering over them.

When editing a shift with multiple shift details, selecting the flag for one of the details results in the short code being displayed for that shift. If the flag is selected for multiple shift details, the short code is displayed only once.

When a shift with a short code is booked off, the short code is displayed on the unfilled shift. The short code persists upon assigning a shift to an employee or pasting a copied shift.