Analytics overview

Infor Workforce Management (WFM) Analytics refers to the content of the Infor Birst package that you can use to collect data from WFM.

You can use WFM Analytics to capture data to help measure activities, monitor trends, and evaluate processes. These data can be used to make better business decisions and business process improvements. WFM Analytics is powered by Infor Birst. One of the key features of the Infor Birst embedded platform includes Dashboards. Dashboards provide a self-service and convenient interface for business users of all types. You can use Dashboards to see important trends in your processes. You can see transactions from a summary level and break it into details.

In the multi-tenant Infor cloud, Infor Birst is integrated with Infor Data Lake. Infor Data Lake is a component of Infor OS. Infor Data Lake provides the flexibility and agility to deliver robust cloud analytics.

You can use the WFM data replication task to push data into Data Lake where it can be leverage by Infor Birst for WFM Analytics.