Timesheet is the main component in the Time & Attendance module. Timesheet collection enables analysis of timesheet data such as work hours, clock punches, and overrides.

These are the dashboards for Timesheet:
  • Actual Hours
  • Pay Period Hours
  • Absence
  • Overtime Hours Overview
  • Overtime Hours
  • Authorizations
  • Absenteeism Insights
  • Employee Overtime Hours Detail
  • Pay Period Hours Detail
  • Pay Period Exceeding Threshold Detail
  • Pay Period Less Than Threshold Detail
  • Early Late Clocks
Fact table Description Source table
Work Fact Tracks the details of all the work such as the number of minutes worked, time code, hour type, which employee worked, and calc group Work Detail
Work Adjust Fact Tracks the retroactive submissions of the timesheet such as changes to the pay rate and hours Work Detail Adjust
Override Fact Tracks the overrides related to the timesheet Override