Dimension Description Subject area
Time Code A code used to classify the activity an employee performed during a period of time. Common codes record work and break time, vacation, and sick days. A time code is assigned for every shift assigned to an employee. Time & Attendance
Hour Type A code that specifies how to pay the employee for a period of time. System defaults are Regular Time, Overtime (1.5 x Base Rate), Double Time (2.0 x Base Rate), and Unpaid. An hour type is mapped for every employee shift. Multiple hour types are assigned based on the type of the work. Time & Attendance
Pay Period Child of the Pay Group that shows the frequency of the pay. For example, monthly, weekly, and daily. Time & Attendance
Override Type Stores information related to type of overrides. For example, timesheet override, employee override, and schedule override. Time & Attendance
Work Summary Shows the summary of work in the application. For example, shift ID, start time, end time, work date, employee ID, and authorized by whom. Time & Attendance
Team Chart Provides the details related to team name, team ID, Heir depth and team level information. Common
Department Provides department-related data such as department name, location, and start date. Departments are stored under teams in Infor Workforce Management Common
Job Provides job-related attributes of the schedule and timesheet Common