Report Catalog structure

Infor-delivered Collections, Dashboards, and Reports are saved within the /Shared/WFM Infor catalog directory. This path is subject to overwrite during a CU, all custom content should be saved to the appropriate directories.

We recommend that all custom content is saved outside of the /Shared/WFM Infor directory. This directory and sub-directories can be overwritten in a future update.

The Report Catalog table highlights the appropriate file locations for all custom content.

Path Used by Purpose
Private/YourUserID Individual User

Objects that are saved to this directory are only visible to you. Collections, Dashboards and Reports that you make Private are automatically saved in this directory. The Private dashboards displays a padlock image to the right of the dashboard name in the navigation menu. Other users do not see your private dashboard’s name in the navigation menu.

Objects that are made Private can be made Public at a later time.

/Shared/Custom WFM Reports/ All custom content creators This directory is available for all custom reports. Sub-directories can be created here to support preferred organizational structures, such as by collection and subject.
/Shared/ Infor and custom content creators All custom collections should be saved in this location.
/Shared/Infor WFM/and all sub-folders Reserved - Infor Only Infor-delivered content. All content within this directory is subject to overwrite during a Customer Update.
Note: Each report/dashlet on a dashboard is referenced by the report’s file path location. If any part of the report path or file name changes or if the report is moved, the link to the report is broken. The dashboard displays an error where the report previously displayed.

We recommend that you save custom reports in the “/Shared/Custom WFM Reports/ directory or sub-directory and not within a collection folder. Reports within the collections can have broken links if a collection folder is part of the report path. A change in the collection name can result to a broken link.