File management considerations

Before creating new custom content there are a few items to consider to develop content efficiently. The management of collections and related reports can be time consuming. The number of custom reports can accumulate without an initial file structure plan. File management also includes any security you choose to apply to your report folders.

We recommend that you keep all custom reports in the /Shared/Custom WFM Reports/ directory. Create sub-directories within /Shared/Custom WFM Reports/ Reports and name them according to the custom collections that are created. This way reports are found, managed, and secured.

It is important to remember that when designing the structure, security is applied at the Collection level and dashboards are not individually secured. Having coordinating file structure for Collections and Reports streamlines file management.


/Shared/Custom WFM Reports
   /ABC Turnover Collection (corresponds to each custom Collection)
     /ABC New Hires Reports (corresponds to each custom each Dashboard)
     /ABC Terminations Dashboard (corresponds to each custom each Dash board)
       OvertimeCost.dashlet PayPeriodCost.dashlet 
   /ABC Earnings (each custom Collection)
   /ABC Terminations (each custom Collection)