Adding custom security roles

  1. Sign in to Infor Ming.le.
  2. Click the portal icon and select User Management.
  3. Configure Logical ID Associations by performing these steps:
    1. From the landing page, expand the left menu by clicking the hamburger icon, and select to Configure > Logical ID Associations.
    2. Click the Add icon.
    3. The Infor Ming.le LID is the Logical ID of the application you want to associate the role to. Because we want the WFM Analytics Logical ID and the Birst Connection Point LID, specify this information:
      Ming.le LID
      Specify lid://infor.wfm-analytics-birst.wfm-analyticsbirst
      Connection Point LID
      You can also find Infor Ming.le LID using search. Specify Specify WFM in the search box, select WFM, and click the Add & Close icon.
      Click Save.
      Alternatively, the Logical ID for any application can be found in the Admin Settings section of Infor Ming.le. This is the same drop down as User Management. From the landing page, double-click the icon of the application of interest. The LID is under the Deployment Information tab.
  4. Add the custom security role by performing these steps:
    1. Select Configure > Master Data Types > Security Roles.
    2. Create a role by clicking the Add icon.
    3. SpecifySpecify the name and description for the new security role. Applications must now be associated to the role.
    4. Select the Applications tab and click the Add icon.
    5. Select WFM Analytics from the list, and click the Add & Close button.
    6. Click Save.