Impact of updating spaces

The command copyspace has 2 modes:
  • copy

    Content in the shared/Infor WFM folder that is different from the delivered content is retained. This option does not copy the global filters that do not exist in the target space. The global filters must be created manually and applied to the dashboards after the dashboards are copied. If the global filter is already in the target, do not create the filters manually.

  • replicate

    All content in the shared/Infor WFM folder is replaced. The custom reports are overwritten. This option ensures that all global filters associated with the source dashboards are applied to the target. The replication process overwrites an existing filter setting in the target space with the settings from the source space. Modifications that are existing in the global filters of the target space are not displayed when this option is used.

For existing customizations of Infor Folder in catalog, view the list of changes that are overwritten. Ensure that you take a backup of the consumer space before executing these commands:

  • Filter Changes

    Customizations are replaced by the latest changes from the SMD space after the update if these filters are modified.

  • Content Changes

    The existing contents are replaced by the latest contents from SMD space if modified.

    • Dashboards
    • Reports
      • shared/Infor WFM