Purging Data Lake on the target data area

  1. From ION Desk, select Data Lake > Purge.
  2. On the Purge page, select Purge by Filter as the purge criteria.
  3. Specify a data range.
  4. Select all object names prefixed with "WFM_" from the Data Objects drop-down. For example, WFM_WorkSummary and WFM_Employee.
  5. Click the Purge button once and wait for the pop-up window.
  6. Specify a brief description of the reason for the purge into the pop-up window and click Yes.
    The status of the purge displays on the page.
    Note: The purge is complete when the red circle with an exclamation point icon changes to a green check mark. If you receive an error message that the purge process failed to initialize, you can run the process again.