WFM Analytics - Reset Variables workflow

This workflow can be run once to implement these variables. Each variable is set to a default value that can be changed in the Birst Admin module.

These steps describe resetting variables from spaces.

  1. Reset InforWFMDefaultExtractDate in Source Space.
  2. Reset InforWFMDataLimitInYears in Source Space.
  3. Reset IncludeArchivedData in Source Space.
  4. Reset EmployeeHistoryDailySnapshotWindow in Model Space.
    Note: If the WFM Standard Template Roles are used, no changes are required and you do not need to run this workflow. However, if any of the Default Values from the table needs to be changed, make the changes in the workflow and then run the workflow to implement the changes.
    Space Variable Default value
    WFM-Source InforWFMDefaultExtractDate 2016/01/01
    WFM-Source InforWFMDataLimitInYears 3
    WFM-Source IncludeArchivedData false
    WFM-Model EmployeeHistoryDailySnapshotWindow 30
    • InforWFMDefaultExtractDate - use this variable to limit the time period of records to extract
    • InforWFMDataLimitInYears - use this variable to limit the number of years to extract
    • IncludeArchiveData - use this variable to include or exclude archive data
    • EmployeeHistoryDailySnapshotWindow - use this variable to Employee Daily Snapshot window