Accessing Monitoring

You can monitor workflows. Use this procedure to access Monitoring.

  1. Navigate to Birst in Infor Ming.le.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select Monitoring.
  4. Select a space to monitor. In the Space Select text box, you can either:
    • Specify the Model space name. For example, [TenantID]-WFM-Model.
    • Clear the text box, specify the space name, and select from the drop-down list that displays.
  5. Click Select Space to confirm your selection. A list of jobs for the space displays in a table.
  6. Click Job Name to view each occurrence and status of a job.
  7. Access a Log file.
    1. Click More Details.
    2. Click Download Logs.
    3. Save the .zip file.
    If a job remains in Failed Status, you can create an Infor Support Portal ticket and attach the associated Log file.