Recalculate Payroll form

The Recalculate Payroll form provides the option to select employees or teams and resubmit their payroll information for a set period of time, including a pay period.

You can enter one or more employee identification numbers, payroll groups, calculation groups, and teams, but at least one employee number must be entered. If all the fields are left blank, then all employees are selected for a recalculation. For the specified dates, you can select either the current pay period or the start and end dates. If you do not select Use Pay Period (current) or if you do not enter values for either the Start Date or End Date fields (or both), then an error message is displayed.

When the information is submitted, the information is verified to determine if the difference between the end date and start date exceeds the RECALC_MAX_DAYS parameter value. If the difference does exceed the value, an error message is displayed. See the Registry Parameter Reference Guide.