Sources dashboard

Report name Description Measure Chart style
Volume by Source Shows candidate applications year over year based on source
'Current Period' +' - '+ FORMAT(DATETIME(GetPromptValue('Start_Date')),'MMMMM d, yyyy')+' '+'to'+' '+ FORMAT(DATETIME(GetPromptValue('End_Date')),'MMMMM d, yyyy') , 'Previous Period' +' - '+ Format(DATEADD(YEAR,-1,datetime(GetPromptValue('Start_Date'))),'MMMMM d, yyyy')+' '+'to'+' '+ Format(DATEADD(YEAR,-1,datetime(GetPromptValue('End_Date'))),'MMMMM d, yyyy')
Bar Chart
Completion Rate by Source Compares starters completion rate and overall completion rate for the selected period filtered based on source Overall Completion Rate , Starter Completion Rate Bar Chart
Quality by Source Shows candidate applications based on recommendation category filtered by source Completed Candidate Count Stacked Bar Chart