Overview dashboard

Report name Description Measure Chart style
Candidate Volume by Year/Month Shows candidate applications year over month
'Current Period' +' - '+ FORMAT(DATETIME(GetPromptValue('Start_Date')),'MMMMM d, yyyy') +' '+'to'+' '+FORMAT(DATETIME(GetPromptValue('End_Date'),'MMMMM d, yyyy') , 'Previous Period' +' - '+ Format(DATEADD(YEAR,-1,datetime(GetPromptValue('Start_Date'))),'MMMMM d, yyyy') +' '+'to'+' '+ Format(DATEADD(YEAR,-1,datetime(GetPromptValue('End_Date'))),'MMMMM d, yyyy')
Line Chart
Quality Distribution Shows candidate applications based on the recommendation category Candidate Count Pie Chart
Completion Rate by Month Compares starters completion rate and overall completion rate for the selected period Overall completion rate, Starter Completion rate Line Chart