Copying a business unit

Use Business Unit Administration (BUA) to copy the business unit setup information and database tables from one existing business unit to another. If you have not already created a new target business unit, refer to The steps required to set up a business unit. By using the Suppress Transactions option you can choose to copy static data only, or to copy the transaction tables as well as static data. If the target business unit already contains data, a warning message is displayed for you to confirm that the existing data should be overwritten.

Note: Miscellaneous permissions are not copied during this process.

You can also copy a business unit to a Live business unit group. This does not require any additional validation or synchronization as all the necessary referential data is already up to date in both the business unit group and the domain database.

The copy process ensures that no users are logged in to the target or source business unit before commencing a copy. Once a copy is underway, users who attempt to run functions in the target or source business units, receive a warning message. Copy ensures users are logged out of business units only within the same database.

Note: Copying a business unit must not be used as a method for data recovery, as described in Recommendations for Copying a Business Unit.
Note: Attempting to run these functions in multiple sessions may render your installation irrecoverable.
  1. Complete this information:
    Source Business Unit
    Enter the code of the business unit you want to copy. It must be a valid and complete business unit both in terms of its business details and its database structure, otherwise attempting to copy it could result in run-time failures. If the specified business unit is in another database, then it must be for the same version of SunSystems.
    Source Business Unit Group
    The business unit group of the source business unit.
    Target Business Unit Group
    Enter the business unit group of the target business unit.
    Target Business Unit Code
    Enter the code of the target business unit. Some business unit codes are restricted. For a full list see Business units in the Glossary menu.
    Note: If you are copying a business unit from a live business unit group to a store, the target business unit code can be the same.
    Target Business Unit Name
    Enter the name of the target business unit.
    Any notes or comments relating to the business unit can be entered here. These are recorded on the Business Unit Administration History records.
    Suppress Transactions
    By default, this check box is checked to prevent the business transaction tables from being copied, and allows you to duplicate the static data details of business units. If this check box is unchecked, all transaction details are also copied. If any transactions exist in the target business unit, they are removed, regardless of the setting of this option, as described in the subsection Suppressing Transactions.
    Retain Audit Data
    Select this option if you require the audit data to be retained.
  2. Save your changes.