Selecting a Group of Assets for Disposal

Prior to using Asset Disposal (FAD), you need to identify and flag the assets you want to dispose of by setting the assets' status to Ready for Disposal.

You can use Asset Disposal Selection (FAE) to set this status for a group of assets. Alternatively, you can set the status on an individual asset in Asset Records (FAS) and specify the disposal period.

To Select and Mark Assets for Disposal:

  1. Enter the asset selection details in Asset Disposal Selection.
  2. Select Action > Process to select the assets and change the asset status.

Asset Disposal Selection (FAE)

Asset Class From/To
The asset class, or the range of asset classes, to be selected. Leave this blank either to select all assets, or if you want to select specific asset codes in the field below.
Asset Code From/To
The asset, or the range of assets, to be selected for disposal. Leave this blank to select all asset codes.
Analysis Dimension
An analysis dimension for which you may select a range of codes to be included. Leave this blank to select all dimensions.
Analysis Code From/To
The analysis code, or range of analysis codes, for the analysis dimension chosen above, to be used to select assets for disposal. Leave this blank to include all analysis codes for the dimension selected.