Naming a business unit

Business Unit Name (BUN) is used to identify the operating entity and determine the default payment terms, payment and receipt preferences for the entity.

  1. Complete this information:
    The name of business unit.
    E-mail Address
    The organization's email address.
    Invoice Address Code
    The code identifying the business unit's own invoice address, which may differ to the business unit's address identified using Business Unit Address Setup. Addresses are defined using Addresses (ADD).
    Lookup Code
    Payment Terms Group Code
    The payment terms adopted by the business unit organization. Payment terms are defined using Payment Terms (PYT).
    Note:  This setting is for information only and will not be applied to a transaction. To use payment terms, they must be applied to the Customer or Supplier.
    Short Heading
    The short heading.
    Web Page Address
    The organization's world wide web address.
    Business Unit Address
    Click this to identify the business unit's address and default invoice address using Business Unit Addresses Setup.
    Preferred Payment Method
    The payment method the business unit prefers to use when paying suppliers.
    Payment Receipt Method
    The payment method the business unit would prefer its customers to use when paying for goods and services.
  2. Save your changes.