Business Unit Setup - Memo Value Entries

The memo value properties define the use of the non-financial value that can be entered on a transaction. This value can represent any statistical or other numeric value.

  1. Complete this information in General:
    Non-Currency Value Name
    A generic name used to identify the non-financial value that can be entered on transactions. For example, Non Financial Value or Related Statistical Value.
    Alternatively, it may be set to a specific name if the value is used solely or mainly for this purpose throughout the ledger. For example, Quantity or Hours.
    Non-Currency Value Post Rule
    The posting rule that controls whether or not a memo value is required on each ledger posting transaction. Two options are available:
    • Undefined (or blank) - this option prevents a memo value being entered.
    • Only present if entered - this option allows a memo value to be entered manually on a transaction. However, the value is optional, so if it is not entered the value is not calculated.
    Note:  The memo value will take the same debit/credit marker sign reflected in posting transactions.
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