Business Unit Setup - Value 5 Entries

The fifth currency value is not held on transactions. Only a currency code and rate can be held and this currency can be either a fixed or variable currency.

  1. Complete this information in General:
    5th Currency Value Name
    A generic name given to the Value 5 currency value available on posting transactions. For example, Alternative Banking Currency.
    5th Currency Code
    The code identifying the fifth currency if you wish to define this value as a fixed currency. Leave blank if the fifth currency is to be defined as variable.
    Note:  If this currency has not been defined using Currency Codes (CNC), it is added automatically.
    5th Currency Posting Rule
    Available options are:
    • Undefined (or blank) - this option prevents a fifth currency rate being entered on any transactions.
    • Rate Only - this option allows a fifth currency code and rate to be stored against a transaction in Ledger Entry and Ledger Import.
    Note:  The value itself is not held, and is only calculated in reporting.
    5th Currency Calculated From
    This option defines the value from which the fifth currency is calculated. Options are:
    • Undefined
    • From Value 1
    • From Value 2
    • From Value 3
    • From Value 4.
    Note:  If this option is set to undefined, by default the pivot currency is used.
  2. Save your changes.