Setting up a business unit

The Business Unit Setup form is used to specify the operating environment for a business unit. In particular, it is used to determine the multicurrency processing and posting rules. Business Unit Setup is invoked from Business Unit Administration (BUA) using the Amend or the Create options from the Action menu.

Note: When you create a new business unit, report models are not automatically created for the business unit. This must be carried out manually using Report Models. This is an important step, and must be carried out in order to run reports.

You can generate a report of the details of all business units that you have access to. To do this, select Report from the Action menu.

You can copy a business unit by using the copy option in Business Unit Administration (BUA).

Business Unit Setup

The Business Unit Setup form contains the following:

  • Header Information
  • General Entries
  • Value 1 Entries
  • Value 2 Entries
  • Value 3 Entries
  • Value 4 Entries
  • Value 5 Entries
  • Memo Value Entries
  • Data Access