Creating a purchase invoice

To create a purchase invoice use Purchase Invoice Entry (PIE).

  • SunSystems is extremely customizable. The Creating a Purchase Invoice topic covers all fields available to the Purchase Invoice Entry function. You may find, therefore, that your form does not cover all of these fields, they may be in a different order or they may be called different names.
  • You can customize your form so that after you have entered an order line, the focus moves to the next new line so it is ready to be entered. You can do this using the Control Properties in Form Designer. That is, if the Next action is defined as the default Action using Form Designer, then pressing Enter or Return will process the current line and move the focus to the next line.

The Purchase Invoice Entry (PIE) form contains header information which applies to all the lines on the invoice, and purchase invoice lines for entering individual transaction lines. Your system may have been set up to preset fields on both the line and the header. This simplifies the entry process for repeat information. Once the invoice lines have been created they are processed further using the options available on the Action menu. An invoice can be put on hold at any stage, which prevents further processing until the Release option is selected.

Note:  Where fields refer to static data, the data must already have been set up. For example, a Supplier Code must have been defined using Supplier (SUS).

The Purchase Invoice Entry (PIE) form contains the following:

  • Invoice Header
  • Invoice Line - General Details
  • Item
  • Payment
  • Pricing
  • Analysis
  • Purchase Requisitioning
  • Purchase Invoice Actions
  • Purchase Invoice Lines Actions
  • Characteristics.