Entering Provisional Transactions

A provisional journal is entered manually using Ledger Entry (LEN) in the same way as any other journal. The only difference is that the journal transactions are posted as provisional rather than permanent transactions. This means they can be amended but may be excluded from account balances and financial reports until they become permanent transactions.

You can use Recall Provisional Journals (PRJ) to select provisional transactions that you want to amend, or if you already know the journal number you recall it directly in Ledger Entry (LEN) by selecting Action > Recall Provisional.

Provisional transactions can be deleted, using Ledger Entry (LEN). You can either delete an entire provisional journal, or delete ranges or groups of transaction lines within the journal.

To enter and post provisional transactions in the ledger, the Provisional Postings field in Ledger Setup (LES) must be set to either Mandatory or Optional. If provisional postings are optional, when you choose to post a journal in Ledger Entry you are asked whether you want to post the transactions as provisional or permanent.

Provisional postings can also be made by the other SunSystems functions that generate ledger transactions, for example Payment Run (PYR). Again, if provisional postings are optional, you must choose to post the transactions as either provisional or permanent transactions.

Note: At some stage you must make the provisional ledger entries permanent.