This section includes information on the purpose of Smart Help and content sources.

Smart Help is an in-context help tool that provides application users with access to multiple types of knowledge, product help, support references, information, and training content. From Infor product documentation to our knowledge base articles to custom training materials and documents, Smart Help shows screen-specific content to better serve users and set them up for success.

Smart Help is available in both Infor Ming.le™ and Infor OS Portal™.

Smart Help in Mingle

In Infor Ming.le, Smart Help is a context application that must be adopted, provisioned, and enabled for each application on a tenant.

Smart Help in Portal

In Infor OS Portal, Smart Help is a Widget that comes automatically enabled and provisioned out of the box.

The content itself is the same in both versions but Infor OS Portal provides an optimal user experience and a more efficient configuration.

Note: We recommend using Smart Help in Infor OS Portal. Starting with April of 2024 (2024.04), Smart Help will no longer support Infor Ming.le.