Configure ION API Gateway for Infor UAP API

  1. Log in to Infor Ming.le or Infor OS Portal.
  2. In Infor Ming.le, click the application switcher, then select Infor ION API. In Infor OS Portal, click the Navigation Menu, select OS from the Applications list, and then click API Gateway.
  3. In Available APIs, click Add.
  4. Click + Create New or select an API suite template.
  5. Specify this information:
    Application Name
    Infor UAP
    Suite Name
    API Context
    UAP for Smart Help
  6. Select a suite icon:
    • Click Choose Icon.
    • Select an icon and an icon color.
    • Click Done.
  7. Under Deployment Information, select the + next to "Please add at least one deployment to save the suite."
  8. On Add Deployment Information, specify this information:
    Target Endpoint URL
    Ignore Certificate Errors
    Enable this option
    Proxy Context
    Target Endpoint Security
    • Authentication Type: API Key
    • Header
    • Key Name: Authorization
    • Password: use the generated API key from the earlier step (such as Ancile-Api-Key cb85c1aa-d3ec9b15-31d3-03013e1de504)
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Save.