How Smart Help works

While the user interfaces for Smart Help are different in Infor Ming.le™ and Infor OS Portal™, Smart Help essentially works the same in both interfaces.

Smart Help works using the ION API Gateway and ION API Request Calls to search content repositories to retrieve information that matches content for a corresponding screen and pulls it back for display. A requirement for Infor applications to be configured in Ming.le or OS Portal is to implement and pass Infor Business Content (IBC) messaging. These IBC messages contain unique screen IDs and logical IDs that correspond with a specific screen in a specific application.

When a specific logicalID and screenID are linked to an application, we can link content to that unique logicalID/screenID combination. Then, as a user navigates an application, Smart Help can search our repositories for that content with the matching logicalID/screenID combination. Smart Help then pulls that content back for display inside the Smart Help panel.

Smart Help Example Orchestration