Smart Help setup checklist for Infor Ming.le™

Note: These tasks apply to Infor Ming.le only and do not apply to Smart Help in Infor OS Portal™
Create a Smart Help security role in Infor Ming.le
Assign the security role:
Turn on Smart Help for a specific Infor application in Infor Ming.le Admin Settings.
Set up user access for Smart Help. To use Smart Help on the specified Infor application, users must have access to the application and also these roles:
  • REQUIRED: SmartHelpUser created in this guide
  • OPTIONAL: MingleEnterprise for users you want to access KB articles. Those users must have a valid Knowledge Base login. To be valid, the user's Ming.le user email must match the Infor Support Portal email.
  • OPTIONAL: IDM-user for users who access Smart Help content posted in Infor Document Management
To view content in the My Documents pane:
To view content in the Training Materials pane: